Travel Checklist- Things to Check Before You Go

Travel Checklist- Things to Check Before You Go

There are things that you should check before you go on a trip. These make a travel checklist that will ensure the success of your trip. So, check the following things before you leave your home to ensure a smooth trip.

Passport expiration

If your passport is about to expire, you won’t be allowed entry into some countries. In most cases, you should avoid traveling with a passport that is due to expire in the next six months of the ticketed return date. Therefore, check the passport and renew it if it’s due to expire in the next six months.


Make reservations in advance. That’s particularly important when traveling during a peak season. Essentially, you should book reservations for major sights, local guides, popular restaurants, and accommodations.

Contact your Credit Card and Debit Card Company

Let your card’s provider know the countries that you intend to visit. Inquire about the fees and get an emergency phone number for your bank. This will enable you to reach the bank with ease in case of a problem. If you don’t know the PIN code of your credit card, ask the bank to send it to you via email.

Do some homework

If you want to purchase travel insurance, do some homework first. Find out whether your current insurer covers you as well as your possessions while traveling overseas.

Do the necessary paperwork

If you plan to travel with kids, do the right paperwork in advance. This includes getting a passport for every kid, a consent letter if you intend to travel alone with kids and proper documents for adopted kids. Students should have International Student Identity Cards to get discounts during the trip. If you plan to use rail pass, get it before leaving the US.

Medical needs

Take care of your medical needs. For instance, visit your healthcare provider for a checkup. Find out whether you should carry prescription drugs or get a vaccination before departing for your destination. If you need contact glasses or lens, pack them before the trip.


Come up with a list of all valuables that you should carry during the tip. These include electronics and things that will make your trip smooth and successful. The valuables that you pack should largely depend on the transport method that you intend to use. Also consider needs of the people that you plan to travel with.

Household needs

Before you leave your home, cancel newspaper and mail delivery if you will be away for some time. Also cancel prepay bills to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. Additionally, give friends or family members a copy of your travel itinerary.

Check airline restrictions

Airline carry-on restrictions keep changing. Therefore, visit the website of the airline that you intend to use to check what you are allowed to carry. Also check security measures to avoid troubles with the airline.

Basically, these are some of the things that you should check before you leave your home. Use this checklist to make your trip successful.

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