Tips for Managing Business Travel Expenses

Tips for Managing Business Travel Expenses

Let’s face it. Managing business travel expenses is the proverbial thorn for any business traveler. But, regardless of how much or little you travel, you will undoubtedly incur travel expenses. However, some expenses are painful than others. For instance, no business traveler wants to incur extra expenses due to flight cancellations and delays. That’s why many companies have set up strict policies that govern how employees go about travels. In fact, many companies require employees to submit expense reports whenever they travel for accountability purposes.

Keep Receipts

One of the best tips for managing business travel expenses is record keeping. When traveling for business purposes, it’s important to keep and organize all receipts. These are essential for keeping a record of meal expenses, tolls, care rental expenses, parking expenses, and fuel expenses among others. Receipts might be difficult to keep because you don’t want to have a mountain of papers while traveling. Unfortunately, if you lose a single receipt, you may be unable to account for the spent money. That’s why you should prepare an expense report as soon as possible. Essentially, if you wait longer, you put your reimbursement at risk especially if you lose any receipt.

Organize Receipts

If you realize that you can’t keep receipts of all travel expenses, take their photos and store them in your phone. You can even organize the receipts with notes and titles then store them in a cloud app while traveling. What’s more, you can email photos of the receipts in a PDF format to make expensing your trip easier once you get back to the office. Simply put- snap, save, and expense. That way, you won’t spend time agonizing over your lost receipts or worrying about travel expenses reimbursement.

Basically, business travel expenses are easy to manage when you keep and organize receipts. Follow these tips during your next trip and you won’t have troubles with expenses reimbursement. Check out one of my favorite sites to book with that will help manage and organize your airfare and hotel expenses for end of year reports, click here to visit them.


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