The Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

Some travelers believe that solo travels provide the best way for seeing the world. Essentially, Travis & Dylan Plumlee of MT Gutters, believe that solo travel allows a person to experience the universe without influence of a partner or friend’s prejudices, preferences, or tastes. What’s more, solo travel provides a chance to go on a self-discovery voyage. But, what are the best destinations for solo travelers?

Here are some of the places to go alone:

New Zealand

This country is known for the lush setting where the Lord of the Rings was filmed. It provides adventures on rainforests, Southern Alps peaks, and glaciers. If you are a fan of bungee jumping, hiking, and jet boating, this is also a great travel destination for you. What’s more, you will meet the most open-minded and friendliest people on the planet.


Traveling to Norway alone gives you a chance to enjoy the experience of being in an expensive country that is about 1,000 miles. You can do this aboard a Hurtigruten coastal steamer that sails along the Norway coast to Bergen city. You sail through beautiful fjords of this city only stopping at some ports. You can also meet local outfitters during a multiday trek on the fjords. This country has accommodation that includes mountain huts and comfortable hotels.


This solo travel destination is known for individuals that mind their business. As such, it’s an ideal destination for any solo traveler. As long as you have a Swiss Rail Pass and hiking boots, you will enjoy a better experience during your trip to this city. You can start with some days at the pedestrian-friendly, stately Zurich before heading south to the Lake Geneva shore for nightlife, bistros, and museums of Lousanne and Montreuz before you carry on to the Ticino region.

Costa Rica

The adventure travel concept was arguably born in Costa Rica. This Central American country is the happiest in the world. It has drawn travelers from all corners of the world by its Pacific coast that is known for surfing. You can also join one of the rafting companies at this destination for a day on white water of the Pacuare or Reventazon rivers. Book one of the adventure lodges of this country if you want to enjoy greater comfort and head out for trips in the amazing cloud forest.


This is a compact and small country. Its capital, Vienna is among the easiest cities to navigate in Europe. This makes it a perfect destination for solo travelers. It has many concert halls, cafes and museums where you learn about and enjoy some of the tried and true traditions of Viennese.

If you intend to go on a trip alone, consider traveling to one of these destinations for solo travelers to enjoy a better experience.

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