How Travel Enhances Your Career and Life

Today, travelling is a revolution that everyone wants to be a part of. That’s mainly because of the endless life changing benefits that travel offers. While most people just travel to enjoy themselves, there is a lot more that you can gain whenever you step out of your comfort zone. Some of these benefits, you may not realize until you are faced with a situation whereby you have to make turnaround decisions. Here are some of the ways in which travel can enhance your career and life.

Improves Your Decision Making Skills

When you travel often, there are numerous difficult situations that you will be faced with from time to time no matter how meticulous you plan the trips. Sometimes, you might miss your flight, get stranded while touring an attraction site or even lose your passport. The ability to get through all these situations will incredibly enhance your decision making skills, which are key to self growth and development.

You Become More Open Minded

Traveling exposes you to entirely different environments where you will meet different people, surviving in some of harshest conditions you could never imagine. On the other hand, it also introduces you into a world with so many amazing things to cherish. Through all these experiences, you learn to be modest and start appreciating different perspectives in life. When you are open-minded, you will always find a way to be happy even in tough situations.

Allows You to Hone Your Communication Skills

Whether you travel solo or in groups, you will always get opportunities to meet new people along the road. While some locals are generally good and friendly, others may not be easy to deal with. But, it is still important that you develop a good rapport with them in order to enjoy your trip. Traveling often enables you to learn how to effectively develop communication channels with different people, which is an essential skill that most employers are looking for today.   Better communication skills will also help you to easily develop a network of worthy relationships.

When you take trips more often, you also get to learn how to be independent and could also acquire new work experiences to improve your career.

The Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

Some travelers believe that solo travels provide the best way for seeing the world. Essentially, Travis & Dylan Plumlee of MT Gutters, believe that solo travel allows a person to experience the universe without influence of a partner or friend’s prejudices, preferences, or tastes. What’s more, solo travel provides a chance to go on a self-discovery voyage. But, what are the best destinations for solo travelers?

Here are some of the places to go alone:

New Zealand

This country is known for the lush setting where the Lord of the Rings was filmed. It provides adventures on rainforests, Southern Alps peaks, and glaciers. If you are a fan of bungee jumping, hiking, and jet boating, this is also a great travel destination for you. What’s more, you will meet the most open-minded and friendliest people on the planet.


Traveling to Norway alone gives you a chance to enjoy the experience of being in an expensive country that is about 1,000 miles. You can do this aboard a Hurtigruten coastal steamer that sails along the Norway coast to Bergen city. You sail through beautiful fjords of this city only stopping at some ports. You can also meet local outfitters during a multiday trek on the fjords. This country has accommodation that includes mountain huts and comfortable hotels.


This solo travel destination is known for individuals that mind their business. As such, it’s an ideal destination for any solo traveler. As long as you have a Swiss Rail Pass and hiking boots, you will enjoy a better experience during your trip to this city. You can start with some days at the pedestrian-friendly, stately Zurich before heading south to the Lake Geneva shore for nightlife, bistros, and museums of Lousanne and Montreuz before you carry on to the Ticino region.

Costa Rica

The adventure travel concept was arguably born in Costa Rica. This Central American country is the happiest in the world. It has drawn travelers from all corners of the world by its Pacific coast that is known for surfing. You can also join one of the rafting companies at this destination for a day on white water of the Pacuare or Reventazon rivers. Book one of the adventure lodges of this country if you want to enjoy greater comfort and head out for trips in the amazing cloud forest.


This is a compact and small country. Its capital, Vienna is among the easiest cities to navigate in Europe. This makes it a perfect destination for solo travelers. It has many concert halls, cafes and museums where you learn about and enjoy some of the tried and true traditions of Viennese.

If you intend to go on a trip alone, consider traveling to one of these destinations for solo travelers to enjoy a better experience.

Why You Will Not Regret Traveling on Your Deathbed

Traveling more is one of the best things that you can do during your lifetime. It enables you to enjoy the diversity, beauty and refreshment that Mother Nature has to offer. Basically, the world presents many things for you to explore whenever you travel. You learn more about planet earth and get different perspectives towards life. So, if you are not traveling, don’t wait to regret it on your deathbed. Here are some of the reasons why you will not regret traveling on your deathbed if you make the decision to travel more today.

Make Lifelong Friends

When you travel, you get a chance to make lifelong friends. You meet new people in trains and planes that can become your lifelong friends. If you meet people that you can open up to and share life experiences, your life can change. So, keep that book or headphones aside and look around to see if you’re seated next to an interesting person. Be friendly and you will be surprised at how friendly people can be towards you.

Hear and Share Great Stories

The world has been described as a book. When you don’t travel, you read one page only. Well-travelled people have stories to share. Traveling can go as per the plan or become total chaos. Nevertheless, there is always a story to tell after traveling.

Learn about the Past

When you travel, you learn the history of different places. You interact with people that are part of the history of their places. When you travel to a historical landmark, you feel its aura. Seeing photos can’t compare to seeing the real thing in person. So, travel to museums and monuments to learn about their history while exploring the world.

Enjoy the Brilliance of Nature

Travel to different places while in good health to know their true nature. This is something that you won’t regret on your deathbed. When you travel, you get a chance to see the most incredible animals and landscapes in the world.

See the True Beauty of the World

There is so much beauty to explore when you travel. Sunrises, sunsets, and happy people are just some of the things that you will see when you travel. There are also beautiful monuments that await you to film or capture them when you travel.

Everybody will die at some point. But, at the end, people regret things they didn’t do as well as things they ought to have done. Traveling is something that you will not regret for having done when the time to leave this world comes. So, travel more often while you have time and energy to do so.

Signs that You Are in Love with Traveling

Signs that You Are in Love with Traveling

Anybody that is bitten by a travel bug becomes hooked forever. They think about exploration and adventure all the time. A wise friend that has the blessings and travels a lot, thanks to his ownership at Garden Nightclub out in San Antonio, Texas, once told me that these people build their lives around traveling, and that the best word to describe such people is “wanderlust”. So I began to think, how do you know you have been bitten by a travel bug?

Here are signs that you are totally in love with traveling:

You Read Every Travel Magazine that You Come Across

Do you drop everything else to read any travel magazine that you come across? Then you are definitely in love with traveling. If your attention is always captured by a beautiful landscape picture on a travel magazine’s cover, you have been bitten by a travel bug. That’s because it shows that you want to know more about the described travel destination and how it feels to be there. Your soul is set on fire by new destinations and you always want to know more about them.

You Follow Many Travel Bloggers

Perhaps, your Instagram feed is full of the latest posts by travel bloggers. This means you want to know what’s new in the world of travel. You want to know about places that bloggers are talking about and get travel inspirations from them. This is a clear sign that you have fallen in love with traveling. Basically, you want to get ideas of your next trip from these bloggers.

You Start Planning Your Next Trip Before You Get Back from a Trip

If you start thinking about your next trip while still away on a trip, you are in love with traveling. This implies that you get travel ideas from a trip. You just want to travel more and you never get enough.

You take many Excursions when You Travel

If you want to see everything when you travel, you have been bitten by a travel bug. Sometimes, you may end up spending more time at a destination because you take many excursions. This is an indication that you have fallen in love with traveling.

If you are exhibiting these travelers’ characteristics, you have fallen in love with traveling. Set more time aside to travel more and satisfy your desire to travel.


Perform Your Favorite Songs at Amazing Karaoke San Antonio Venues

Perform Your Favorite Songs at Amazing Karaoke San Antonio Venues

Do you have a musical talent? Would you like to share your amazing vocal skills with loved ones and strangers? Then visit San Antonio clubs and perform your favorite songs live. It doesn’t matter whether you have performed before or this is your first time. Even if you sing in the shower, you can have a chance to perform live in this Texas metropolis.

The Best Karaoke Venues

San Antonio has the friendliest Karaoke venues. It has clubs that are usually packed with crowds that want to relax and enjoy Karaoke performances by different people. These clubs and crowds provide a perfect atmosphere where you and your friends can have great time. You will be served great drinks and get all the support you need to bring out your musical talent in style.

I visited my friend that owns Karaoke San Antonio and I was surprised to learn that these clubs display lyrics of great songs on the screens to enable crowds to join performers. Visitors and performers are given quality microphones and the environment is simply amazing. The crowd was quite vocal during my visit. What’s more, these clubs serve tasty Texas food. Generally, San Antonio is a perfect place to go when you want to nurture your musical talent.

Participate in Karaoke Competitions

If you believe you can sing, enroll for Karaoke competitions in San Antonio. There are times when this city hosts weekly Karaoke contests and winners are awarded cash prizes of up to $1,000. So, if you have a great musical talent and you want to know what others think about it, enroll for karaoke contests in San Antonio.

Generally, Monday nights are the popular Karaoke nights in San Antonio. So, check online to learn about clubs where you can perform your best songs live. Additionally, most clubs do not charge a cover fee. Simply talk to the management of the club that you choose and get a chance to perform to a friendly and supportive audience.

Top Things to Do when You Travel to Europe

Top Things to Do when You Travel to Europe

Europe is one of the major travel destinations for people from other continents. That’s because it has a lot to offer visitors. But, some of the things that you can do when you tour Europe are better than others.

Here are the top things to do when you travel to Europe:

Tour Paris

Paris is the best travel destination for most people in the world. That’s because it provides a magical atmosphere, unique food, and wine. It also has a rich history. In fact, a single trip to Paris is not enough. You just can’t see the magic of this city in a single tour. What’s more, there are many things that you can do in Paris.

Get Lost in Amsterdam

This city has more to offer than red lights and coffee shops. The brick streets and cobblestones weave around the amazing canals of this city creating a magical view. This city in Europe has a vibrant music and art scene that makes it simply amazing. The locals are friendly and willing to help.

Visit the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are basically the summer beach fun Mecca. Crete and Kos Island are popular Brits destinations. Los is the party central. Paros is extremely quiet. Mykonos is amazingly luxurious while Santorin has an awesome history. Rest assured that you will find exactly what you need once you travel to Greek Islands during summer.

Travel to Berlin

The trendy Berlin is simply an energetic destination. It’s an affordable capital city that is packed with vibrant art and music scene. You will enjoy amazing food in Berlin at an affordable price. And, don’t forget to go to the historical museum because it’s among the best globally.

Unwind in Barcelona

Barcelona is a European city that runs 24 hours. Be ready to enjoy late-night parties and dinners while there. Apart from its amazing nightlife scene and food, Barcelona has great beaches, history, and Gaudi architecture.

Basically, these are the top things that you can do when you travel to Europe. Others include drinking beer at Oktoberfest, hanging out in Scandinavia, and experiencing London in style, among others.

Things that Every New Traveler Should Know

Things that Every New Traveler Should Know

Excitement, fear, and hope are some of the major conflicting emotions for most first-time travelers. In fact, many travelers don’t know what to expect whenever they travel. But, following guidebooks and doing some research makes it easier for new travelers to venture out and explore. The internet provides loads of information that makes traveling easier. But, selecting the right things to do and not to do is not easy. That’s why you should know things that you need to do or avoid so that you can get a better experience when you travel.

Avoid Being Scared

Venturing into the unknown is generally scary. However, you are not the first traveler. In fact, you are not exploring and discovering uncharted territories or new continents. There is a travel trail that other travelers have left behind. This should guide you along the way. Therefore, be bold or courageous. Know that you are capable just like other successful travelers.

Don’t Depend on Guidebooks All The Time

Guidebooks provide a general destination’s overview. However, they don’t provide information on the latest bars, restaurants, and the off-the-beaten-path attractions. To get such stuffs, you must connect with the locals. Seek recommendations from hotel staff and travelers. People will always be the best resource when looking for the latest travel information.

Go With The Flow

There is something new and more effective emerging every day. Don’t stick to what you knew about traveling decades ago. Instead, use the latest travel technology. For instance, download the latest tablet and Smartphone apps for travelers.

What’s more, come up with a travel itinerary but be flexible. Your trip will be more fun and enjoyable if you don’t stick to one thing. Do things that you find interesting when you travel for leisure and always try something new whenever you travel.

Always Prepare For Your Trip Adequately

Before you travel, get everything you will need during the trip. This includes enough money, contact information, and travel gear. Make sure that you also book hotel reservations in advance especially when traveling during the peak season.

Generally, these are the major things that you should know before you start traveling. Nevertheless, always conduct some research before you leave your home regardless of your travel destination.


Tips for Managing Business Travel Expenses

Tips for Managing Business Travel Expenses

Let’s face it. Managing business travel expenses is the proverbial thorn for any business traveler. But, regardless of how much or little you travel, you will undoubtedly incur travel expenses. However, some expenses are painful than others. For instance, no business traveler wants to incur extra expenses due to flight cancellations and delays. That’s why many companies have set up strict policies that govern how employees go about travels. In fact, many companies require employees to submit expense reports whenever they travel for accountability purposes.

Keep Receipts

One of the best tips for managing business travel expenses is record keeping. When traveling for business purposes, it’s important to keep and organize all receipts. These are essential for keeping a record of meal expenses, tolls, care rental expenses, parking expenses, and fuel expenses among others. Receipts might be difficult to keep because you don’t want to have a mountain of papers while traveling. Unfortunately, if you lose a single receipt, you may be unable to account for the spent money. That’s why you should prepare an expense report as soon as possible. Essentially, if you wait longer, you put your reimbursement at risk especially if you lose any receipt.

Organize Receipts

If you realize that you can’t keep receipts of all travel expenses, take their photos and store them in your phone. You can even organize the receipts with notes and titles then store them in a cloud app while traveling. What’s more, you can email photos of the receipts in a PDF format to make expensing your trip easier once you get back to the office. Simply put- snap, save, and expense. That way, you won’t spend time agonizing over your lost receipts or worrying about travel expenses reimbursement.

Basically, business travel expenses are easy to manage when you keep and organize receipts. Follow these tips during your next trip and you won’t have troubles with expenses reimbursement. Check out one of my favorite sites to book with that will help manage and organize your airfare and hotel expenses for end of year reports, click here to visit them.


Best Things to do in Greenville, SC

Whether you’re a history lover, an art lover or a gourmet or an outdoor fancier, you can’t miss out on what to do in Greenville. Most popular attractions are in the downtown area with a short walking distance from one to another. This city is surrounded by a mountainous terrain with many cultural attractions. There are many restaurants where you can get whatever food you desire as you enjoy the moments. From fine art in museums to great music, you can stroll and have a picnic in Greenville city without any disappointment. Here are the best things for you during your tour in Greenville.

Paris Mountain state park

This is a popular retreat especially for families looking for outdoor recreation. The park is 5 miles North of Greenville and has a picnic shelter, a playground, campsites, a swimming area and lake with fishing. Additionally, you will also get a burial site from the colonial period on the park premises.

Greenville Zoo

The Greenville zoo is located within the straggling Cleveland park. From farm animals to exotic creatures, this amazing zoo has many attractions and you can be sure to be well pleased. With several covered shelters, you can enjoy a picnic as you also enjoy your food and drink. Keep in mind that admission is good for only a single entry. You, therefore, can’t leave and come back the same day.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

This museum is located on the edge of downtown Greenville and offers unique and interactive exhibits for people of all ages. Kids can float toy ducks on the Reedy River, build skyscrapers in the construction zone or play guitar in the exhibition. On the other hand, young children can have fun in the outdoor recreation area as they enjoy kid’s food from the cafeteria.

GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail runs from downtown to Travelers Rest along the Reedy River. You can bring your own bike or rent one at the reedy Rides so as to explore this trail that is about 20 miles long. The Swamp rabbit trail has several must-see stops that you should come and enjoy.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

Shoeless Joe Jackson is a celebrated baseball player who was a Greenville native. In 2006, his home was moved to a new location, across from Fluor Field. It then became a museum that was dedicated to giving his story.

Liberty Bridge and Falls Park on the Reedy

Although the Reedy River is not huge, it is one of the widely loved features by the Greenville residents. Falls Park has a unique landscaping, waterfalls, walking trails, lush gardens, picnic areas and public art. Complemented by the Liberty Bridge which has a beautiful architecture, which makes the engineering work more stunning.

Travel Checklist- Things to Check Before You Go

Travel Checklist- Things to Check Before You Go

There are things that you should check before you go on a trip. These make a travel checklist that will ensure the success of your trip. So, check the following things before you leave your home to ensure a smooth trip.

Passport expiration

If your passport is about to expire, you won’t be allowed entry into some countries. In most cases, you should avoid traveling with a passport that is due to expire in the next six months of the ticketed return date. Therefore, check the passport and renew it if it’s due to expire in the next six months.


Make reservations in advance. That’s particularly important when traveling during a peak season. Essentially, you should book reservations for major sights, local guides, popular restaurants, and accommodations.

Contact your Credit Card and Debit Card Company

Let your card’s provider know the countries that you intend to visit. Inquire about the fees and get an emergency phone number for your bank. This will enable you to reach the bank with ease in case of a problem. If you don’t know the PIN code of your credit card, ask the bank to send it to you via email.

Do some homework

If you want to purchase travel insurance, do some homework first. Find out whether your current insurer covers you as well as your possessions while traveling overseas.

Do the necessary paperwork

If you plan to travel with kids, do the right paperwork in advance. This includes getting a passport for every kid, a consent letter if you intend to travel alone with kids and proper documents for adopted kids. Students should have International Student Identity Cards to get discounts during the trip. If you plan to use rail pass, get it before leaving the US.

Medical needs

Take care of your medical needs. For instance, visit your healthcare provider for a checkup. Find out whether you should carry prescription drugs or get a vaccination before departing for your destination. If you need contact glasses or lens, pack them before the trip.


Come up with a list of all valuables that you should carry during the tip. These include electronics and things that will make your trip smooth and successful. The valuables that you pack should largely depend on the transport method that you intend to use. Also consider needs of the people that you plan to travel with.

Household needs

Before you leave your home, cancel newspaper and mail delivery if you will be away for some time. Also cancel prepay bills to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. Additionally, give friends or family members a copy of your travel itinerary.

Check airline restrictions

Airline carry-on restrictions keep changing. Therefore, visit the website of the airline that you intend to use to check what you are allowed to carry. Also check security measures to avoid troubles with the airline.

Basically, these are some of the things that you should check before you leave your home. Use this checklist to make your trip successful.