Best Things to do in Greenville, SC

Whether you’re a history lover, an art lover or a gourmet or an outdoor fancier, you can’t miss out on what to do in Greenville. Most popular attractions are in the downtown area with a short walking distance from one to another. This city is surrounded by a mountainous terrain with many cultural attractions. There are many restaurants where you can get whatever food you desire as you enjoy the moments. From fine art in museums to great music, you can stroll and have a picnic in Greenville city without any disappointment. Here are the best things for you during your tour in Greenville.

Paris Mountain state park

This is a popular retreat especially for families looking for outdoor recreation. The park is 5 miles North of Greenville and has a picnic shelter, a playground, campsites, a swimming area and lake with fishing. Additionally, you will also get a burial site from the colonial period on the park premises.

Greenville Zoo

The Greenville zoo is located within the straggling Cleveland park. From farm animals to exotic creatures, this amazing zoo has many attractions and you can be sure to be well pleased. With several covered shelters, you can enjoy a picnic as you also enjoy your food and drink. Keep in mind that admission is good for only a single entry. You, therefore, can’t leave and come back the same day.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

This museum is located on the edge of downtown Greenville and offers unique and interactive exhibits for people of all ages. Kids can float toy ducks on the Reedy River, build skyscrapers in the construction zone or play guitar in the exhibition. On the other hand, young children can have fun in the outdoor recreation area as they enjoy kid’s food from the cafeteria.

GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail runs from downtown to Travelers Rest along the Reedy River. You can bring your own bike or rent one at the reedy Rides so as to explore this trail that is about 20 miles long. The Swamp rabbit trail has several must-see stops that you should come and enjoy.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

Shoeless Joe Jackson is a celebrated baseball player who was a Greenville native. In 2006, his home was moved to a new location, across from Fluor Field. It then became a museum that was dedicated to giving his story.

Liberty Bridge and Falls Park on the Reedy

Although the Reedy River is not huge, it is one of the widely loved features by the Greenville residents. Falls Park has a unique landscaping, waterfalls, walking trails, lush gardens, picnic areas and public art. Complemented by the Liberty Bridge which has a beautiful architecture, which makes the engineering work more stunning.

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